2024-25 Band Calender


Jamestown High School Band

JHS band
Jamestown Band
Fundraising Information


What better way of raising funds for your musicians Student Account
without taking a single dollar out of your wallet to do so! This program
allows you to make money off of your everyday spending at Walmart,
Publix, Jersey Mikes, Target, Wendys, McDonalds, Home Depot and
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‘Holiday Physical Gift Card’ purchase opportunity upcoming in
November. See attached with all of the information regarding this
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Spirit Cards

This card really does sell itself! But we need to motivate our awesome
kids to get out there and Sell, Sell, Sell!! Valued at over $560, this $20
card is a really great deal for the community, from the community. We
have had several kids sell more than 50 cards just by walking through
their neighborhoods over a weekend. That’s over $550 for their
Student Account in sales and bonuses. Cards can be picked up, and
dollars returned any time before or after school!

Fruit Sale

Annual Fruit Sale Oct.-Nov.